Me first:Conversations around Growing Up and Gaining Independence (GUGI)

This Me first training course provides the opportunity to learn about the Growing Up, Gaining Independence (GUGI) framework. GUGI was designed in collaboration between young people, professionals and parents to encourage and support young people to become as independent with their healthcare as possible. GUGI helps prepare young people and parents for changes in services, particularly when reaching 16 years of age when legal and financial changes occur. Helpful life skills can be developed such as preparing young people to speak to professionals on their own, understanding rights and confidentiality and learning about what their services offer.

This course takes advantage of a multi professional environment to help participants build on their existing skills. We take time to reflect on young peoples’ experiences of transition and growing up to support the practical aspect of how to open up these conversations. Me first provides evidence-based training and practical resources that bridge the gap between the theory of child and young people centred communication and what happens in practice. Training is interactive, practical and includes real-life scenarios. The voice of the child and young person is embedded throughout the training and we co-train alongside a young trainer with lived experience of care.

This training will take place over zoom. The estimated time frame will provide multiple breaks between interactive sessions to optimise the learner experience



Early cancellation allows us to offer the space to people on the waiting list. Please do let us know well in advance if you cannot attend.

If external delegates cancel in writing up to and including 28 days prior to the masterclass date you will be able to obtain a full refund.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.