GMC Welcome to UK practice

This course is designed for any International graduated Medics who first started to work in UK in the last 12 months. 

Welcome to UK practice (WtUKP) is a free half-day workshop offered to doctors who gained their primary medical qualification overseas and are working in the UK. It aims to help newly registered doctors to better understand the ethical and professional standards expected of them when working in the UK.

Over a 12 month period, Newcastle University undertook an independent evaluation of WtUKP. A sample of more than 400 doctors were surveyed before and after attending WtUKP. The Key finding are: 

•Immediately after attending WtUKP, doctors reported significantly improved awareness and understanding of key ethical issues and how to apply our guidance to deliver safe care. Attendees also sharpened their patient communication skills and gained a clearer idea of their own learning needs. 

•After three months, researchers spoke again to participants and saw that many improvements were still in place. Almost two-thirds of those surveyed said they had changed their practise as a result of the training. 

The course was offered to all IMG when they first registered with GMC. The uptake was low due to difficulties in gaining study leave. GMC has now come to our Hospital to deliver the course to increase the uptake knowing the benefit of the course on clinical practice. Please try to book half day study leave for the 16th January and come to join us, lunch will be provided and sweets!


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