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Speech & Language Profiles of Children with Neurodevelopmental Conditions: Autism, Epilepsy and Co-morbidity

Aimed at:  Speech and Language Therapists (both NHS and Independent) working with children and young people in Early Years, Mainstream and Specialist settings.  

This new study day aims to extend speech and language therapists’ understanding of language and communication disorders associated with epilepsy and also autism spectrum disorders and develop further expertise in assessment and formulation of these children. 

This year’s course focuses on the language and communication profiles in children with autism (am session), and children with epilepsy (pm session).

The conference will encourage all delegates to: 

  • Broaden their knowledge of speech and language profiles associated with these  complex neurodevelopmental conditions
  • Share best practice around methods of assessment and formulation and how these can guide long term management.
  • Explore and discuss case studies
  • Network with speech and language therapy colleagues to access peer support.

This is the second study day that the Neurodisability Speech and Language Therapy service has run following on from a well-reviewed study day last year. (Delegates do not need to have attended the first study day last year)  


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