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Fundamentals of Neuroscience Nursing Care

Fundamentals of Paediatric Neuroscience Nursing Care Course (Non accredited course)

This is an introduction four day course aimed at nurses who are interested or with experience working on a paediatric neuroscience ward. This course will provide nurses with the theoretical knowledge and skills to support their practice in neuroscience Nursing. Day one focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the brain, intracranial pressure and hydrocephalus. Day two focuses on the care of children and young people with brain tumours. Day three is about nursing cares of children that have seizures and neurology conditions. Day four covers the care of children and young people that have an acquired or traumatic brain injury.

There is an option to attend each day individually, but to gain the certificate of “Fundamentals of Neuroscience Paediatric Nursing” you would need to complete all four study days.

What You Will Learn

To expand the nurses understanding of the holistic care needs of children and young people with common neuroscience conditions.

  • Apply knowledge of best practice when caring for children and young people with neurosciences conditions in relation to current research, clinical guidance and national policies.
  • Justify plans of patient and family care through an understanding of neuro anatomy and physiology across a range of child developmental ages.
  • Employ their knowledge of patient pathways, disease progressions and treatment developments to work collaboratively with children, young people and their families when assessing their needs and planning care.
  • Demonstrate an ability to act as a patient advocate through the planning and implementation of care when working within a multi-disciplinary team.

To cancel your place, you must notify at least 10 working days prior to the course date to have the course fee refunded. Late cancellation and non-attendance will incur the course fee.