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Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate
• Resolve complaints from carers and relatives
• Work more positively with differences of opinion within patients’ families
• Constructively address differences of opinion amongst medical and other professionals
• Provide early resolution to staff disputes, precluding the need for formal grievances
Target Groups
The intention is to provide the accredited training to an initial cohort of professionals from across the hospital, to include:
• PALS staff
• HR professionals
• Nurses
• Others who would value further skills in conflict resolution and consensus-building
The UK Register of Mediators
It is important that people who are qualifying as mediators, even if they go on to apply their skills without describing themselves as ‘Mediators’, have credibility within the organisation, and are able to demonstrate the quality and professionalism of their mediation work. For this purpose, GOSH mediators will be registered onto the UK Register of Mediators for no charge. Membership of the register shows that mediators are:
• Trained by mediation professionals to a nationally accredited standard
• Properly insured for their work
• Undertaking case supervision
• Engaging in CPD
Membership of the UK Register of Mediators gives a quality mark to the training, support, and practice standards of people using mediation skills.

The Postgraduate Medical Education Department funds fully-subsidised places on learning events making these free for internal delegates and at a reduced rate for external delegates.  Non-attendance and late cancellations will incur a fee to cover the cost to the department for your place.    Please read the Terms and Conditions of booking before submitting your application.