Working with Children and Young People with Voice Disorders

Foundation Skills 

6th 7th 13th and 14th of February 2023 (09.30-13.00 GMT)

Virtual Delivery

This course is aimed at Speech & Language Therapists who work with voice disordered children and young people in a community, educational or hospital settings. SLT voice specialists may also find it relevant to their work. Whilst we highlight less common aetiologies, the main focus will be the assessment and management of common childhood voice disorders e.g. vocal fold nodules/muscle tension dysphonia, in a framework of evidence-based practice.

This Foundation Course will be structured around presentations and interactive workshops delivered virtually via 4 modules. Participants will be strongly encouraged to attend all 4 modules and to share their experiences and ideas. The course will focus on ‘Reaching a Working Diagnosis’, and ‘Devising and Delivering Treatment Programmes’ through presentations, experiential learning and small group work.

The 4 modules will cover a range of topics including:

  • Common aetiologies and their management
  • The impact of growth and development
  • ENT and SLT assessment procedures & when to refer
  • Behaviour Change COM-B model for planning and delivering treatment
  • An overview of direct and indirect therapy approaches and techniques used with children
  • Setting up voice services for CYP

We invite you to attend all 4 modules. There is no option to select only specific dates.

Places limited to 40 delegates - book early to avoid disappointment.                                                        


Virtual Delivery

19th June 2023 

09:30-16:30 GMT

This masterclass builds on the knowledge and skills from the 4 modules Foundation Level course. This experiential day covers practical skills and methods that can be used to guide children to modify their breathing, muscle tension and phonatory patterns. Case examples will be used throughout with reference to both hyperfunctional and organic voice disorders.

This masterclass is open to qualified Speech and Language Therapists who have completed the Foundation Skills Course at any time prior to this course or have equivalent knowledge, skills and experience acquired through clinical practice.

Topics will include:

  • Organic and Psychogenic disorders - MDT working
  • Chronic disorders and transition to adulthood - 1-1 and group work/systemic, family work
  • Laryngeal images - describing what we see and feel
  • Explaining an activity or task to a child/young person
  • Barriers - rehearsal time, self-monitoring, drawing on what we know from other areas of work
  • Brain state theory and Compassion Focused Therapy approaches and links to muscle tension
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Case Studies
  • When things don't go as expected
  • Hormonal changes on anatomy and physiology and the adolescent brain

Places limited to 25 delegates - book early to avoid disappointment.

If places have been filled and you are unable to register for this event please email your contact details to us at so we can add you to our waiting list. We value your interest in our courses.

Presenters include:

Lesley Cavalli – SLT Great Ormond Street Hospital

Nicola Gorb – SLT Great Ormond Street Hospital

Lesley Cochrane – ENT Surgeon Great Ormond Street Hospital

All course material and zoom links will be sent to you via email prior to the course. 

What people say about our course:

"The entire course has been very useful"

"Thank you for a very engaging and interactive course. Really valued your teaching and knowledge, video examples and group work"

"Thank you so much.  I loved that you shared the COM-B model and muscle memory. These were wonderful"

"Thank you for the training. I have learnt so much over the past 4 mornings. I feel much more confident and excited to start working with these children and young people"

"It has been brilliant and really encouraged me to continue to learn and explore as a start this voice pathway as part of my clinical work"


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