Psychoeducation Day on Tourette Syndrome for NHS Trusts and Clinicians

Psychoeducation on Tourette Syndrome for NHS Trusts and Clinicians 

Tourette syndrome and how to help families understand their condition

Who we are 

The Tourette syndrome clinic service at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is a National Specialist Service that cares for children and young people up to the age of 17 years. We have a specialist multi-disciplinary team that works closely with other departments within GOSH and routinely shares the care of children with local services. There is a strong research collaboration between GOSH and the other Tourette syndrome clinics in the UK, and we have an international reputation for clinical research into Treatments for Tourette syndrome as well as studies of the genetics of tic disorders and role of infection.

Specialist Training for NHS Trusts 

Understanding more about one’s condition (via psychoeducation) is the cornerstone to any intervention for children and young people with tics and Tourette Syndrome (TS). However, there is a shortage of therapists trained to deliver this education for people with tics and TS, and so in order to address this, the Tourette Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital has put together a 1 day package of training for clinicians. Attendees of this training course will learn about Tourette syndrome and gather the clinical skills needed to deliver remote and face to face psychoeducation with children and young people. Attendees will also leave with a wide range of resources and materials to help them to deliver the information to children.

What the training will provide

- A 1-day training course for professionals from disciplines such as Psychology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Psychiatry and Neurology.

- The training is for any professional working with children and young people with tics.

- The course will include a wealth of material frequently used to provide psychoeducation to young people and their families.

- The course contains a review of the literature, background information on Tourette syndrome including symptom trajectory and management, practical materials to help attendees discuss the condition with young people and a certificate of attendance.


Training will be conducted via the Zoom platform. An experienced pair of Psychologists will deliver the workshop. This training is 6 hour in length (10am -4pm).


1 day training package costs £150 per delegate.