Root Cause Analysis Training

This one day intensive masterclass will provide Root Cause Analysis Training in line with the July 2019 Patient Safety Strategy.

The course will offer a practical guide to RCA with a focus on systems-based patient safety investigation as proposed by the

forthcoming National Patient Safety Incident Response Framework which emphasises the requirement for investigations to

be led by those with safety investigation training and expertise, and with dedicated time and resource to complete the work.

Key Learning Points

• Managing an RCA investigation effectively

• Gathering, mapping and organising evidence

• Conducting interviews using the cognitive interviewing technique

• In-depth analysis: what tools are available?

• Identifying care and service delivery problems

• How to pin-point contributory factors and root causes

• Understanding the impact of human factors

• Strengthening/creating barriers to minimise future risk

• Agreed best practice in action planning and writing RCA reports

• The pitfalls of RCA: common failings and how to avoid these

• Understanding the future of RCA: what changes are in the pipeline?