Working with Children and Young People with Complex Differences in Learning and Communication

The Developmental and Augmentative Communication Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital are delighted to offer 2 webinars focusing on working with children and young people with complex differences in learning and communication

Webinar 1:

Foundation skills in communication: Preference and Choices – what’s the difference and why does it matter?

Date: January 25th 2023

Times: 9.15-11.30 am

Location: Virtual - Webinar

Price: £25

We will explore development of the core communication skills “preferences” and “choices” for children and young people with complex differences in learning and communication profiles. We aim to provide participants with a greater understanding of these core skills including how children can express preferences and choices to increase confidence in assessment and intervention selections.

Presenters include: Kate Macleod & Kim Bates – SLT’s, Developmental and Augmentative Communication Service, GOSH Neurodisability Team

Webinar 2:

Looking + Communication – what to look for and what might these observations mean?

Dates: 9th February 2023

Times: 9.15- 11.30

Location: virtual - webinar

Price: £25

Exploring the role of vision in the context of communication, we aim to equip participants with sufficient skills to know what information about eyes and vision may be available from other sources and a way to describe how a child can, or cannot, use vision to support playing, learning and communicating. We will describe a practical assessment approach to assessing functional vision skills and share some good practice examples. 

Presenters include: Dr Jenefer Sargent (Consultant Paediatrician); Steve Rose & Kate Macleod (Speech & Language Therapists) – Developmental Communication Service, GOSH Neurodisability Service