Great Ormond Street Hospital Asthma Module

We are excited to offer a specialist asthma module covering a wide range of topics relating to the diagnosis and management of paediatric asthma. This will encompass a multidisciplinary approach to the patient care pathway in an asthma service and will include sessions from an asthma clinical nurse specialists, paediatric respiratory consultants, and paediatric physiologists. 

This module will be delivered via MS teams on 10th October 3-6pm.

The content will cover 

  • - Making a diagnosis of asthma
  • - Lung function tests and how they are applied to patients in an asthma service
  • - Inhaler technique, adherence to asthma treatment/other monitoring
  • - Avoidance to triggers
  • - Ongoing monitoring of patients, applying tests in practise
  • - Considering tertiary referral
  • - Case studies

Finishing with Q&A

Target audience:

  • - General paediatricians and trainees with an interest in asthma 
  • - Nurses working with asthma patients
  • - Physiologists and Allied Health Professionals with an interest in asthma


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