Learning Disability Simulation Study Days


*Please note that this is a two day course*

Day 1: 30 Jan 2023 – 09:30 to 16:30 delivered virtually

Day 2: Option A: 1st Feb 2023 OR Option B: 2nd Feb 2023 – both 09:30-16:30

About the day

This online course is designed to enhance the skills of staff working within healthcare to improve the care provision for people with a learning disability. This course merges simulation scenarios with focused lecture sessions and workshops; where candidates can explore key issues surrounding LD with a range of clinical and non clinical experts. The two day course comprises of virtual lectures and workshops on day 1 and immersive simulation on day 2. Please select option A or B when booking your place for day 2.

Course Aims

• For staff to develop the skills and knowledge to support patients and families living with a learning disability, in the context of the clinical setting.

• For staff to rehearse essential communication techniques to enhance practice in the care of patients with additional needs

• For staff to have a greater awareness and understanding of the importance of providing reasonable adjustments, in order to reduce health inequalities for people with learning disabilities.

• For staff to have an increased awareness of the challenges that people with learning disabilities face when accessing the hospital setting.

Who should apply

All patient facing clinical staff who look after patients with learning disabilities. 


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