Personalised Medicine for Paediatricians: The Essentials

This one day virtual course for community & hospital based paediatricians at registrar grade to consultant covers the essentials of personalised medicine in paediatrics. 

Our hybrid course combines lectures and interactive workshops facilitated by the GOSH Clinical Genetics Service. Learn how to use genomic information to support and inform personalised paediatric care. 

The course will cover:

1. Genomic Testing

•Who to test?

•When to test?

•How to test?

•Understanding genomic results and how they impact management

2. Personalised Medicine

•The scope of personalised medicine

•Case studies in paediatric personalised medicine therapeutics including gene therapies

3. Consent and Ethics in Personalised Medicine

Ticket Information

Tickets are available for the virtual event on 29th September which includes access to post-course learning materials on the GOSH DEN.

Tickets are also available for online access to pre-recorded lectures after the event. 

This event is being supported by Biomarin, a world leader in developing therapies for rare genetic diseases.


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