Cytotoxic Medication: An Introduction

Course Description


This face-to-face/zoom course (two half days) is for you if you are working in a clinical area/community setting where cytotoxic medication is administered and you are working towards your administration competency certificate.

What you will learn:

 . The Cell and Cell Cycle

 . Toxicity, Drug Classifications and the Effects of the Cell Cycle 

 . Research and Clinical Trials, Information and Support 

 . Safe Handling and Extravasation 

 . Interpreting Protocols/Scenarios 

 . The Nursing care needs of patients undergoing treatment with cytotoxic medication and knowledge of side effects

Day 1 18th February 2022 face to face: 08.45-12:30

Day 2 21st February 2022 zoom: 10.00-13.00

(due to current pandemic, this may change but will be informed prior to dates, 

It may be on one date 18th February, depending on numbers)