Mini Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA) virtual 2021

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Mini-Assisting Hand Assessment

The Mini-Assisting Hand Assessment (Mini-AHA) assessment was developed for young children with unilateral cerebral palsy (CP) aged 8-18 months. Like the Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA), the Mini-AHA involves a video-recorded play session using carefully selected toys that provoke bimanual hand use. Twenty object related actions of the affected hand are then scored on a 4-point rating scale.

This course teaches the reliable use of the Mini-AHA assessment (Version 1.3) in three steps.  The first step involves a three-day virtual workshop where participants will learn about the constructs underlying the Mini-AHA, test items and how to score them, test procedures including the play session, as well as practice of scoring children. A Mini-AHA manual with detailed scoring criteria and a computer-based scoring form will be provided. Following the course, the next step is to complete further independent scoring of 4 cases, with feedback provided regarding your results. The third step involves participants creating their own test kit according to instructions given during the course, and then conducting two Mini-AHA play sessions. Feedback on the selected toys and the two self-produced Mini-AHA play sessions will be provided.

What content does the virtual program cover?

Day 1:      8am-1pm

Theoretical background of the Mini-AHA

Mini-AHA test items

Scoring of children


Day 2:      8am-1pm          

Psychometric properties

Scoring of children

Mini-AHA test kit and play session

Day 3:       8am-1pm

Using the outcome to guide intervention

Scoring of children

Interpreting and communicating assessment outcomes

Certification procedures and wrap up

Cost: £470

Course objectives:

On completion of the course participants will be able to:

Select appropriate toys for a Mini-AHA play session

Know how to set up and conduct the play session including how toys are used to provoke bimanual play in young children

Reliably score and interpret the findings according to the criteria in the manual

Understand the constructs and the psychometric evidence upon which the Mini-AHA is based

Communicate outcomes from the testing procedures to families and use the information to guide intervention

Course tutors

Dr Susan Greaves, PhD is the Manager, Occupational Therapist and researcher at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. Sue has had many years of experience from working in paediatrics, predominantly with children with cerebral palsy. Her PhD project involved the development of the Mini-AHA.

Danni Centorame is an Occupational Therapist at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne as an interventionist in the REACH study for very young children with unilateral CP, as well as working in private practice. Danni has extensive experience using the Mini-AHA in a research and clinical practice context.


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