Healthcare Science Education 2019: What is the role of collaboration in education?

Calling all Healthcare Scientists!

Join us on the 6th September for a meeting to discuss education within Healthcare Science:

What is the role of collaboration in education? How to maximise the impact of the opportunities ahead of us

This meeting will showcase current work and facilitate discussions about teaching across boundaries in education. It is aimed at Healthcare Scientists of all levels and from all disciplines, but would be especially useful for Lead Healthcare Scientists, managers, and those with an education input within their organisation. We also welcome non-Healthcare Scientists who are involved with the profession as part of their organisational role, such as Chief Executives, Medical Directors, Directors of Education, and Chief Nurses.

The day will support networking for both trainers and trainees and will consist of a mixture of lectures and workshop sessions that aim to increase attendees knowledge of:

- National Healthcare Scientist educational strategy

- Education theory

- Options for delivering education locally

Registration will be from 9:00 - 9:30 and the day is due to close at 17:00

Confirmed speakers/workshop facilitators include:

- Lynn Shields (Director Education, Great Ormond Street Hospital)

- David Wells (NHS Improvement)

- Tom Warrender (Medical Mavericks)

- Betty Adamou (Research Through Gaming)

- Dr Kerrie Davies (Leeds University)

- Dr Jane Freeman (Leeds University)

- Victoria Heath (Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

- Megan Smith (National School of Healthcare Science and Birmingham University)

- Jaimini Patel (National School of Healthcare Science and Birmingham University)

- Dr Sharon Buckley (National School of Healthcare Science and Birmingham University)

- Malcolm Robinson (Harvey's Gang)

- Dr Anna Barnes (University College London Hospital)

- Dr Sarah Peel (Health Education England, GSTT)

- Clare Anderson (HEE and Eastern North Hertfordshire NHS Trust)

- Aarti Makan (Health Education England)

- Ian Davies (Staffordshire University)

- Nicola Baldwin (playwright)

- London Healthcare Science Trainee Network

- Dr Philippa May (Royal Free Hospital)

- Dr Anna Jones (Kings College London)

- Basit Abdul (Health Education England)

- Dr Rowan Myron (Imperial College London)

Each attendee will have the opportunity to attend 2 workshops from 6 that are available

Workshop Choices:

Workshop one: 

Games and Gamification in Education and Training: 

A triple win for Engagement, Data Gathering and Collaboration

Facilitated by Betty Adamou


Workshop two:

Collaboration across distances via social media

Facilitated by Dr Joanne Horne and Victoria Heath


Workshop three:

Managing Educational Projects

Facilitated by Ian Davies and Nicola Baldwin


Workshop four:

How to select your research project

Facilitated by the London Healthcare Science Trainee Network


Workshop five:

Educational consortia - a model for increasing training capacity and quality

Facilitated by Dr Sarah Peel, Clare Anderson, Aarti Makan, and Basit Abdul


Workshop six:

Multidisciplinary education: building the capacity for change

Facilitated by Dr Rowan Myron

Please note that due to venue charges we have had to charge for this conference.  However we would not want anyone to be unable to attend due to cost restrictions and so we do have a limited number of bursaries available.  If you would like to apply for a bursary, please email either or for an application form.

This year, the one day conference is being delivered jointly by NECL Healthcare Scientists


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Please note that conference places are non-refundable.  Places are transferable up to 7 days before the conference date