Let's Talk Global, Let's Talk Local

A two-day course specialising in communication in an international context.

This course is for doctors, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, healthcare scientists, administrators and all other staff who have been educated in a country outside the UK. 

It offers you the opportunity to:

  • Share your experiences of working in the new working environment and compare these with your experiences of learning and working in other countries
  • Explore the challenges of communicating with patients, their parents and carers as well as colleagues from a range of professions, in a new setting where there is a diversity of communities and cultures
  • Examine the context of working within the NHS and learn how to navigate through the system
  • Identify methods and strategies to enhance your communication skills in a diverse setting

The course will explore these issues over two consecutive days, focusing on the individual needs of participants to support you to improve your ability to be a more effective communicator in the international context of working.

We also invite you to bring along to the course an object that you feel represents your culture.  There will be an opportunity for you to talk about the object you bring during the course and tell us why you have chosen it.