When A Child Dies

A two-day course utilising blended learning techniques to explore and demystify some aspects of this very challenging process. Actors are employed to provide a family for the simulated scenario elements. Topics covered include conversations around anticipation of death, the death of an infant and transfer to the mortuary. This provides the opportunity to experience caring for a family at such a challenging time.

Facilitated by professionals from GOSH Bereavement, Chaplaincy, Palliative Care and Mortuary Services.

What you will learn

Day One

  • Legal aspects of certification
  • Practical care of a patient when death is imminent
  • Key information regarding care after death
  • Outline of the roles of the Coroner and Child Death Overview Panel
  • End of Life Conversations workshop


Day Two

Simulated Scenarios involving:

  • Care of parents
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Considerations around spiritual, cultural, and religious needs
  • Transfer and admitting to the mortuary

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.